Surrounded by telecoms

Just a quick note about the header image we use on this site.
At first glance, it looks like the top part of a palm tree.

But, when you look a little bit closer, you notice that this tree is much higher than the surrounding trees. And the stem looks a bit weird: There´s a ladder on it!

Yes, the fake palm leaves barely conceal the antennas of a mobile telephony base station. Once you know what antennas may look like, you start seeing them everywhere: On the roofs and walls of buildings, neatly mounted below the streetlamps or in the ceiling, right in front of your apartment´s entrance door.

Most weird use of such concealed antennas, was when Megafon in Moscow planted fake palm trees along the highway, which surrounds Moscow. Yes, that was less about hiding antennas and more about the opposite: to create some publicity…

Behind the cut, I´ve put a relatively large photo from Dubai of a fake palm tree.

This photo is from Dubai.
Fake Palm Tree


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