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GSM consultant with international experience. Specializing in Product and Project Management, Value Added Services and Number Portability.

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  2. Shaping Windows 8.1 and adding Russian custom phonetic layout — 2 comments
  3. Whatever you do, never activate your Trados Studio 2017 before trial period has ended! — 2 comments
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  5. Bug report — 1 comment

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Renfe discriminates foreigners

While at the hotel, I installed the Android app “Renfe Ticket” and bought my ticket. It worked all perfectly. But when I later needed to show this ticket in order to get on the train, the app complained that I had no connection to the internet. (However, everything else on the internet was working perfectly …

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Security is more that just https – just missed me as a customer

A few weeks ago “Thirst”, the newest book by Jo Nesbø, was released in Swedish. (It will be realeased in English tomorrow.) I wanted to buy it and found that one of the best prices was offered by By the way, if it wasn’t for a direct link from, I’d never found the …

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A good tool to get better quality in WordPress translations

First of all, a big “Thank you” to those of you, who have contributed and continues to contribute in making WordPress available in various languages, including Swedish. All translation of WordPress core, and most translations of plugins and themes are handled via the online platform GlotPress. Anyone is welcome to take part in this work. …

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Whatever you do, never activate your Trados Studio 2017 before trial period has ended!

Trados 2017 License expired

I just discovered a weird bug in Trados Studio 2017, and it may cost me 1-2 working days! I started using Trados Studio 2017 (and got it in trial mode mid November 2016. On December 14, when some 2-3 days remained of the trial period I decided to activate my copy. Everything worked fine. Since …

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Solved “Stream is offline” in facebook live preview

I spent several hours this morning trying to figure out why it didn’t work. I was attempting to stream video to facebook live from my Windows PC with OBS encoding software. The encoding software was happily transmitting to somewhere, but the facebook preview in the publishing tool kept on reading “OFFLINE – If your video …

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Now and then, I answer some questions over at Yahoo answers. Today, I noted an interesting thing. One of my answers suddenly had -1 comments! How could this ever happen? Well, I happen to know half of the story, so I can make up at least of part of the rest. There was one comment …

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Bug report

Hi there. I wanted to file a bug report, but couldn’t find any link for where to do it. So I post it here instead… I’ve been using unfriend finder on Chrome for a while, and it works reasonably well, although the intermediate ad page before reaching the useful interface is a bit exhausting (especially …

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Basic WordPress-training in Barcelona, in Russian

This is just a quick note that I’m planning to run a small basic training in how to set up your own web site using WordPress. The training will be in Barcelona and will be held in Russian. More information can be found at Please do share this if you know anyone who might …

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Security update of WordPress

20 minutes ago started rolling out a security update to several of the latest releases. By default, this update will happen automatically (automagically ;) ). But in case you have, turned off the automatic update, then this is gor you. The update fixes a whole bunch of XSS (Cross-site scripting) vulnerabilities that you WANT …

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Virtual version of Östhammars Poetry street on Google maps

Recently, the main activities of the Festival of Words in the small Swedish city Östhammar occured. A part of the festival was the “Poetry Street”, where quite a few short poems on the festivals theme (for the year 2014, the topic is freedom) were on display in the windows of various shops in the centre …

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