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Hi there. I wanted to file a bug report, but couldn’t find any link for where to do it. So I post it here instead…

I’ve been using unfriend finder on Chrome for a while, and it works reasonably well, although the intermediate ad page before reaching the useful interface is a bit exhausting (especially when there are lots of ads sprayed all over the main interface, too). Oh, at least when one has some 2000 facebook friends, the plugin seems to sporadically regard some friends as disappeared, although they are still there. I guess an unstable internet connection could be a reason for this. (And that would also indicate that the plugin may be using some noticeable bandwidth for its work.)

I use Firefox as my main browser. And today I noticed that unfriend finder now is available for firefox, too. So I installed it. The plugin seems to work. After a while, the plugin button showed me that there were news for me.

But when I click on the button, the plugin opens a way too small window. So I can’t get to the link for the main interface. (And the window is only scrollable sideways!)


unfriend finder 1.2.4
firefox 42.0
Windows 7

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  1. Wow. After one month, I got a minimal reply over a different channel:

    Thank you for your valuable review. It helps up to make Unfriend Finder much better for all users. In fact, we have considered your review and updated our extension to issue some problems you have cited.
    Please update your browser extension.

    Doesn’t really bother me, though. I’m using F.B. Purity.

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