A good tool to get better quality in WordPress translations

First of all, a big “Thank you” to those of you, who have contributed and continues to contribute in making WordPress available in various languages, including Swedish.

All translation of WordPress core, and most translations of plugins and themes are handled via the online platform GlotPress. Anyone is welcome to take part in this work. You just need to register a free account at www.wordpress.org, and then you may head over to https://translate.wordpress.org/ and start translating!

However, one important task for us, is to create and maintain a consistent user experience for a localized (i.e. translated) WordPress.

One important tool for this is the glossary, where we have collected useful comments on specific words and phrases and in many cases give the specific term we’ve chosen to use.
One example: The English word “shortcode” might be translated into Swedish in various ways, and we’ve simply chosen the word “kortkod” for this term.
You can check out the Swedish glossary here:

If you’ve been translating anything for WordPress core, then you may have seen translated terms and comments automatically show up in the translator view. In a future version of GlotPress we may expect these useful hints to show up during translations of any plugin or theme.

But in the meantime, I’d like to tell you about a very useful tool, which will “inject” translator hints in these other projects already today.
It’s “GlotDict” an add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome, developed by @Mte90, Daniele Scasciafratte from Italy. More information can be found at https://github.com/Mte90/GlotDict

If you want to help in translating WordPress into Swedish, then you’re more than welcome. And please join our special slack channel: #translations at https://wpsv.slack.com/ (You’ll need an invitation to Slack, which you can get from anyone, who’s already there.)

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