Whatever you do, never activate your Trados Studio 2017 before trial period has ended!

I just discovered a weird bug in Trados Studio 2017, and it may cost me 1-2 working days!

I started using Trados Studio 2017 (and got it in trial mode mid November 2016. On December 14, when some 2-3 days remained of the trial period I decided to activate my copy. Everything worked fine. Since my license was for the “Starter” edition, I had to choose 5 languages I want to work with, but that’s OK.

Today I needed to work, so I started the program. And it tells me: License expired!
Trados 2017 License expired
My online account at SDL, though, still shows that I got one license, which was activated on Dec 14. Therefore I’m not allowed to reactivate with the same code, on the same computer, since that license is “already in use” according to SDL.

I’ve filed a ticket to SDL, this may cost me 1-2 days, since I haven’t paid for premium support.



  1. Worth noting that the licensing support is very fast… you may get your licence reset sooner rather than later. I’m also not sure this is a bug that hits everyone. I have seen this before however. Sorry you had this trouble but hopefully it will get resolved quickly.

    • Noriko on December 21, 2016 at 03:14
    • Reply

    Hi, the same trouble would occur to me.
    I bought Trados Studio 2017 in December 18. First time the activation was successful, but after the second time not successful. My activation code seemed to be unavailable yet. I hope my license reset before trial expiration date.

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